NeoStat v2 to communicate with UFH-8 RF

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It would be useful if the NeoStat v2 could communicate with the UFH-8 RF wiring centre.

This would probably be a useful feature for any system that has a mix of wired/wireless thermostats.

I had one hard wired thermostat which was connected to a zone vale actuator on the underfloor heating manifold. I replaced this with a NeoStat v2 and installed NeoAir v2 thermostats in the other rooms. The new stats all control actuators via the UFH-8 RF wiring centre but the replaced stat still directly controls the actuator only. If the NeoStat could talk to the UHF-8 RF then this stat could operate the actuator via the wiring centre in stead, as well as turn on the underfloor heating pump & call for heat from the boiler.

Not planned Suggested by: Phil Upvoted: 14 Dec, '23 Comments: 1

Comments: 1