Multiple Settings backup and restore

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I have a Neo system consisting of 10 devices - room and underfloor thermostats and timers for boiler and towel rails. As the seasons progress many settings have to be changed to suit that season. This generally happens over a few weeks until a suitable suite of settings is arrived at. In other words, summer settings are not the same as winter or spring.
At the moment the Neo software only allows one to create and save, from scratch, a new set of settings. With ten devices this would take a long time!
My suggestion is a ‘backup’ and ‘restore’ function that allows one to save a complete suite of settings - say ‘summer’ and be able to recall a complete previously saved suite - say ‘winter’. This would also allow one to save a trial suite of settings and to revert to another if unsuccessful.

Not planned Suggested by: Tim Upvoted: 15 Mar Comments: 8

Comments: 8