On/Off display in Home Kit

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If in Heatmiser Ne app the thermostat is set to "Standby/Away" (with other words heating system off), In HomeKit it show as "On" (with other words Standby/Away is "on'). On the web I see some people understand this others (including my wife!) find it confusing. Why does HomeKit shows e.g. "Bedroom Floorheating set to 21", when floor heating is "on" and Homekit shows "Livingroom Floorheating All On" when it is set to "Standby/Away"?
See attached pics.

Since some people find it logical and other confusing I propose a toggle switch within the Heatmiser App like LeGrand/NetAtmo offers.

Under consideration Suggested by: Peter Upvoted: 10 Mar Comments: 1

Comments: 1