Display mode data on Home page.

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On the Home page, it would be most useful for the current mode, and associated data, to be displayed, along with the extant data. Doesn't need to take much room, or be too verbose - just a text string would suffice:
EG 'Kitchen, 15.2, H;16.0;00:57'
Decode: Kitchen/current temp 15.2, Hold mode, hold temp 16.0, 57 mins left.
Currently, you can't even tell if a stat is set to (eg) HOLD, unless you actually select it.
I have 6 thermostats, and it's a pain to keep track of what's in what mode, due to having to select each one in turn. I'm sure others have even more...

Under consideration Suggested by: Craig S. Upvoted: 11 Mar Comments: 0

Comments: 0