SIMPLE, Really Large Display Characters (etc.) for Poorly Sighted People

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This is a suggesion for a Programmable Thermostat as a simple, single channel CH Controller suitable for use by someone who has limited sight and NEEDS an uncomplicated control display.

1. Large main display characters (ideally 25mm or more high).
2. Easy to understand & use buttons and minor display characters.
3. Any reasonable physical size (but fitted to a standard back-box).
4. Suitable for intelligent DIY installation & programming / set-up.
5. Wall mounted / mountable, but free standing option if possible.
6. Connection to CH pump by a simple 2-wire on/off mains voltage connection.
7. Wireless operation but NOT Smart.
8. Ideally under £120!

Not planned Suggested by: David Upvoted: 07 Mar Comments: 0

Comments: 0