IFTTT get current set temp & set a specific temp as an action

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As part of integraton with Smartthings, I can put my Neo Air stats into standby when someone opens a window in the room. However, when the window is closed, I can't return the heat level to what it was, but this would be ideal. So the request would be as an IFTTT action, to somehow store the current temp after a given trigger - perhaps as an outbound JSON. Likewise, having stored the temp (most likely outside of IFTTT/Heatmiser), I'd want to trigger an action to set the specific temp back to the stat. However, as things stand, I can only set the temp from a drop down, but with this proposal, it'd have to allow input of a value, perhaps as part of a JSON back to IFTTT.

Not planned Suggested by: Andrew Luke Upvoted: 31 Jan Comments: 0

Comments: 0