History search downloads should atart at the beginning of the day and end with the last

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This may seem pedantic, but it is annoying...
When I download history files from date A to date B
I don't get the 00:00:00 entries for day A,and
I get just the 00:00:00 entries for date B

This means i have to realign the data, as I analyse montly data

Please would you kindly export data as follows
Complete data from Date A starting at 00:00:00 to date B finishing at 23:59:00
Where the requested date B is the date the request is made please export all records for the day, or end at the last record for the previous day

PS I have written a PERL script to seperate the data into to make it more analysable, and this is ongoing. However I really appreciate the data being available as it really highlights how the system is working, thank you

Under consideration Suggested by: Malcolm Upvoted: 24 Nov, '22 Comments: 0

Comments: 0