Option to remove frost protection on "AWAY" mode - Heatmiser NEO

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We go away for three weeks in February. We set "away". The temperature inside the house goes beneath frost protection point and the heating comes on. There is no choice. It just comes on. You might say "Fine, that's what it's supposed to do." True, but our house has underfloor (even undercarpet) heating and ELECTRIC boilers pulling 24kw. We could not understand why our bills were, frankly, mind-boggling; WE'D SET "AWAY". Infuriating. Now we turn off the boilers at the mains, so it doesn't matter what the neostats ask for. But of course it means we return to a freezing cold house. Can you please offer the option of choosing whether we want frost protection during periods of "AWAY"?

Done Suggested by: rb14 Upvoted: 28 Jan, '22 Comments: 1

Comments: 1