Homekit-capable hard-wired switch - ideally two-way and intermediate.

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It would open up so many possibilities to have a switch which could be hard-wired into circuits to give Homekit control, rather than just a plug-in one.

If it was a two-way (or even an intermediate switch for lighting circuits), it would allow individual circuits to have Homekit integration without needing a complete wiring centre or an RF switch in each location. We could switch individual zone valves / pump circuits / outside lights, etc.

The problem with an RF switch is that it doesn't allow two way (white wire) switching, so you can't control a 'motor on, motor off' valve, as, even if you used both channels on an RF switch, it's not easy to ensure only one is active at a time.

If the one product could function as an L1, L2, or IM switch depending on how you wired it, it would offer tremendous versatility for only one set of tooling.

Under consideration Suggested by: Jamie Adam Upvoted: 05 Jan, '22 Comments: 0

Comments: 0