Enhanced wireless air sensor app integration

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- when a neoStat is linked to one or more wireless air sensors, show in the app the temperature of the wall thermostat as well the air sensor(s) and the average. At present the app only shows the wireless air sensor temperatures and the average. This would greatly help in understanding the temperature variation across a room.

- indicate in the app against the relevant room when a paired wireless air sensor goes offline, either due to battery failure or lost signal (e.g. in the same way as the physical neoStat does). I regularly have batteries running out in wireless air sensors, but don’t realise until I happen to look at the physical thermostat. It may just be me, but it doesn’t help that the push notifications for wireless air sensor low battery doesn’t work / is temperamental.

Our scenario is that we have a number of open plan or “joined” rooms (no physical doors between rooms) that use a single neoStat with wireless air sensors to establish an average temperature.

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Comments: 1