Lamp Post

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I use the Neo Plug to control my Lamp Post outside. The cable runs from the end of my drive and essentially just arrives into my house into a plug which I plug into your Neo Plug. I can then control the ON/OFF via a timer. I manually adjust the timer periodically depending on sunrise and sunset which is not a problem to me. I don't want to attach a sensor for light and dark because I don't want the lamp post on all night. So this is ideal except for, the Plug is listed as a heating system in my app, it will be better if there was a choice of what to call it. I was also thinking of getting a Plug for my slow cooker so I can control it when I'm out, again it will be better if we can choose what to call it. There are other smart plugs on the market but I've chosen Neo Plug to do all this for me, so don't close it off to just the heating market.

Done Suggested by: Bridget Collett Upvoted: 09 Sept, '20 Comments: 1

Comments: 1